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The Pearce Coggan Foundation

Who we are & what we do

The Pearce Coggan Foundation charity, based at Green Farm in Shadoxhurst, Kent (, helps and inspires people who might otherwise find it difficult to do so, to get outside, get active and connect with nature. We also work to conserve and enhance the local meadows and ancient woodland.


All our activities, from our inner-city-families camps and outdoor experiences to our volunteering and conservation projects, are built on four priorities: Getting outdoors and Getting active because whatever our age or ability, spending time outdoors is great for us; Getting to know food bridges the gap from farm to table and encourages us to consider everything from food production to food waste; Getting in touch with nature is about getting in touch with and looking after nature and our environment; valuing nature for itself and for its impact on our mental and physical health

Green Farm itself is the home of the charity's founders, MaryAnn & Martin Richmond-Coggan, a small regeneratively farmed livestock farm with ancient woodland, a 15th century farmhouse, a spa & retreats business and a self-catering holiday barn.


Why we do it

Time spent in nature makes us feel good. It can boost our mental wellbeing and improve our physical health. Sadly, research suggests many of us – and young people in particular - have lost touch with nature.


Natural Childhood, a report from the National Trust highlights how an obsession with trying to achieve a ‘zero-risk’ world, amongst other concerns, is severely limiting children’s freedom. The result is an inactive indoor lifestyle which affects fitness, weight, wellbeing, and restricts the development of life skills such as emotional resilience and the ability to assess risk.


Our activities enable adults and children to experience life outdoors while building their skills and confidence. Parents and carers relax, children roam free and the impact lasts long after time at Green Farm

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