“I feel like my children thrive more at family camping than anywhere else! We feel extremely safe and welcome at Green Farm and everything is very well organised. ”

Outdoor Family Camping
with Outdoor People

The Outdoor Families Program

Impact to date

  • 32 families have joined Outdoor Family Camping since 2014, with most coming twice (so they can support other families that have never been)

  • 47 children have benefited, with half under the age of 7.

  • 93 families have been on Family Wild Walks since July 2014, including  51 since October 2018 , with 14 families coming regularly

  • 61 members of the Outdoor Families closed and moderated Facebook Group, with parents increasingly posting and sharing ideas and inspiration to each other to get outdoors more.

  • We have 26 volunteers, including 12 who have come through the projects, growing from participants to facilitators

  • Families that have come camping and joined wild walks were surveyed:

  • 83% of say they have started going outdoors more.

  • 100% of respondents said going outdoors makes them feel better than they were feeling before.

  • 86% of respondents visited a place they had never been to before. 

  • Well over 10,000 hours of outdoor playtime for our beneficiaries…

  • But more than that, all regular participants say “We now make sure we go outdoors every day”

Phil's* Story


Phil has ADHD and some learning difficulties. The change in Phil just one year after his trip to Green Farm for family camping was amazing.  Here he is (on the left) on the first day of his first visit to Green Farm as part of the Outdoor Families Camping, brought by his aunt and grandmother and two cousins;  on the right, just one year later, he was climbing Mount Snowdon

Now aged 12 he recently sent us a message to tell us “I went out on my skateboard every day this summer!”

This change is not just down to him. He was joined by two Aunties and his cousins. The support from the extended family is essential.

*not his real name

What Our Families Say....

“We have had an absolutely amazing time! It's been a while since I had this "camping with my toddler" idea in my head, the Outdoor People made it possible!!"

“I would never have done anything like this with the kids… now we spend time together having fun. We now go on little walks, on little hunts for things, and the kids are picking up sticks and leaves that we have to keep at home! So we’re all in touch with nature now.”

“I feel accomplished after, like I’ve done something good with my kids.”

“This has encouraged us to get outside more often - we try every day -  and to explore the local green spaces in and around Hackney. Even though we grew up in Hackney I realised I hadn't taken my kids to some long forgotten areas and we have discovered others such as Wick Woods. Outdoor People also provided us with some waterproofs for the kids so we can go out in wet weather which is not something I would have considered before but we have got out in the rain a few times and the kids love it!”

“They have inspired me to get out more, be more adventurous and get out in weather I may have avoided before.”

Standard Family Camping Timetable

Day 1 – Setting up camp

  • Arrive Green Farm Kent

  • Nest making – learn to blow up mats, key to comfy night

  • Boundary walk

  • Communal meal


Day 2 – Get to know ourselves outdoors

  • Wild walk, observing, exploring

  • Tree of Life group session (focus on experiences, skills, values, dreams)

  • Feed the chickens

  • Putting up a tent

  • Cook own lunch meals in family groups

  • Night walk

  • Green Farm dinner

Day 3 – Exploring our boundaries

  • Fire making and cooking over fire

  • Feeding the pigs

  • Tree of Life sharing

  • Den building

  • Group cook for all; everyone make damper

  • Quiet listen to the evening chorus


Day 4 - Competent campers

  • Bird Seed hangers/garden skills with Catherine

  • All learn tent skills

  • Families cook lunch for themselves

  • Pizza night

Day 5 – Striking camp

  • Tree of Life Certificates – honouring values, skills, dreams and support networks

  • Group lunch

  • Striking camp

  • Goodbye



  • Get postcard from Green Farm inviting them to a Wild Walk back in Hackney

  • Invitation to take part in John Muir Family Award

Why Outdoor People work with the Pearce Coggan Foundation

Since 2016 Green Farm has:

  • Provided the space at Green Farm for free.

  • The ‘Fairyland’ campsite is a perfect first camping experience space: 5 acres of deciduous woodland, fenced so families feel safe but easy for children to roam out of site, with a huge camp cooking area, space for tents, a natural play area, running water and space for temporary toilets

  • The proposed Graduate Camping area will be a perfect next step, to use in Springtime when we can’t camp in the woods as it would damage more fragile ecosystem.

  • Offered storage space for the equipment on the farm rather than paying for storage in London.

  • Get practically involved with the camping through

  • Taking the families to feed chickens, herd sheep and feed pigs

  • Make pizza in the Wildlife Community Vegetable Garden with freshly picked ingredients

  • Encouraging the children to learn about the workings on the farm and to understand the food chain



the first 4 years

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